In order to fulfill its mission, the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office is organized into multiple operational divisions. Each division is responsible for conducting specialized duties. All divisions are highly integrated, operating as a single team. These divisions continually fulfill the mission of the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office through a strict adherence to excellence and teamwork.

The Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office provides service of process for all cities and towns in Merrimack County as directed under New Hampshire RSA 104:5.

To help us better assist you, please call our Civil Department at (603) 796-6634 or email civil@merrimacksheriff.net prior to mailing or delivering writes of process to determine best procedure, Sheriff’s fees, and/or filing fees.

The Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office does not provide legal assistance or aid.

Court Security

Merrimack County Sheriff's Office Court Division has many responsibilities within the Superior Court building. All persons entering the building are screened at the front door for security purposes and to ensure the safety of all who are there on business. Safety is a priority for all on duty bailiffs, while providing full building security for staff and judges. Bailiffs also provide inmate detention at Merrimack County Superior Court for hearings, arraignments, drug court, trials, and many more court related business. The Court Division is also responsible for inmate detention for three district courts to include Concord, Hooksett, and Franklin.

With a trained staff of well over twenty Bailiffs in the Court Division, each does their best to uphold the County motto, “Working together for a safer County.”

The Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office – Communications Division dispatches both emergency and non-emergency police calls for the Sheriff’s Office and 17 agencies within the county. Read more... 

The Investigations Division consists of two full-time detectives and a Detective Sergeant. Our detectives investigate numerous types of crimes at all levels (violations, misdemeanors and felonies). We also have one full-time detective who works on the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force who helps in investigating internet crimes against children not only in Merrimack County, but throughout the entire state. These cases are forwarded to the Merrimack County Sheriff’s Office from local agencies as well as agencies from all over the state. We investigate crimes and cases that occur within the Merrimack County Complex, as well as the Merrimack County Jail in Boscawen. Detectives also conduct background investigations for employment and conduct records checks for the military and law enforcement agencies all over the country. The Investigations Division assists with “conflict of interest” cases within other local law enforcement agencies and internal investigations for other local law enforcement agencies in the State of New Hampshire.

The Transports Division is responsible for transporting inmates who have court orders requiring secured transport. We transport to and from court appearances, medical appointments, jury views and transfers between different jails. We also assist with transports from the hospital to secured mental health facilities, like the NH State Hospital, for involuntary emergency admissions (IEA). Our deputies transport prisoners from all of the county jails, the NH State Prison, as well as the hospitals in the county. Read more...

The warrants division is primarily made up of a two deputy team and an administrative assistant. The warrants division handles both criminal and civil warrants, as well as capias warrants for child support. Read more...