How to Search

Search Instructions

Landmark Website is :

The Home Page is a list of all search types available for search via the LandMark Web.

On the Home Page you can select the option of selecting a simple question from the drop down list to help you navigate to the correct search page or by selecting the appropriate icon for your search type.

How to do a Search

  • Click Search type icon
  • Accept the Disclaimer
  • Select the Party Type from the drop down Direct - Grantor / Indirect - Grantee
  • Enter Last Name, followed by First Name like “Smith John”
  • Select the Document Type you would like to search
  • Select the Document Category from the drop down
  • Select / Enter the Begin Date
  • Select / Enter the End Date OR
  • Search the last 7, 30 or 90 days from the drop-down
  • Show first 100, 500, 1000 or 2000 records from the drop-down
  • Click Submit
  • Result: Your search results will show at the bottom of your page.
For more search types

Select from the menu


Search results

An example of a search result is shown below

Search Results


Results will appear at the bottom of your search criteria page
The header will be your search criteria – your name, doc type, begin date and end date
Showing the number of results found for this search type e.g. Showing 1 to 10 of 10 entries
Show more than 25 results per page
Click on Previous or Next to turn pages on search screen results
Print search result, Export search result to an Excel Spreadsheet or Save Search Results
Toggle arrows are shown as ^v to help toggle your search requirement’s, by selecting the up or down arrow it will update your search results in the different fields
Filters are used to filter your search by Search Name, Search Direct (Grantor) Name, Search Reverse Name, Record Date, Doc Type, Book, Page, Search Legal or Instrument Number. - I.e. type D for Deed to filter on Deed Type Doc

Image View

Document information is on the left of screen and document is on the right of the screen, there is a fee associated with viewing and printing.

Document navigation
Document Information will appear on the left of the screen and the document on the right of the screen
To turn pages click on the arrows < > or use the Go to Page feature

Print and view options
Print Page and Print All is an option
You will not need to install any program to view documents; Landmark Web uses its own built in viewer. You will need Adobe to print the image. The image will open in a PDF window for full functionality, such as export, print, zoom etc...
View document in a Full Screen is an option to exit full screen click Full Screen again
To return to search results click on Return to Search/Results in blue box at top of page


In the Black Highlighted section – Instrument Number Verification through date
In the Red Highlighted section - Important Information or notes from Merrimack County Deeds Office
In the Blue Highlighted section – Help information for step by step completion of search criteria
Clear Form – This option clears the currently selected search form
Clear All – This option clears all search forms.