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State Representatives

 The Role of the County Delegation

Under NH law, the members of the NH House of Representatives serve as the legislative body of state government as well as the legislative body of their respective county governments. The law refers to each counties' legislative group as the "county convention," though it is commonly referred to as the "county delegation."

Individuals who run for a seat with NH House sign an affidavit that includes a statement achnowledging that their responsibilities include service as a delegate to the county convention.

The county delegation is responsible for appropriating the necessary funds that support the functions of county government.  This role, while not always as visible as the state legislature, is also responsible for public spending.

County delegations convene for the purpose of organizing and electing a delegation chair, vice-chair, and clerk shortly after the members are sworn in as members of the House. The delegation also meets annually to vote on county budgets as prepared and recommended by the county commissioners. Additional delegation meetings can be called to act on specific revenue or expenditure issues and many delegations also organize long-term planning, facilities and other subcommittees that address specific county functions.

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Caroletta Alicea
James Allard
  Louise Andrus
Christy Bartlett
  Stephen Boyd
Jose E. Cambrils
Tony Caplan  
  Kenna Cross
Karen Ebel
  Arthur Ellison
Samantha Fox
Eric Gallagher
Gregory Hill
  Margaret Anne Kennedy      
John Klose
  Connie Lane
John A. Leavitt
David Luneau
Jim MacKay
Jim Mason  
Carol McGuire
Rebecca McWilliams
Michael Moffett
Mel Myler
Howard C. Pearl
Rod Pimentel
  Matthew Pitaro      
  Beth Richards
Katherine D. Rogers
  Tom Schamberg
Dianne E. Schuett
Kris Schultz
  Brian Seaworth
  Stephen Shurtleff
Timothy Soucy
  Dave Testerman      
  Mary Jane Wallner
  Thomas C. Walsh
  Mary Beth Walz
Safiya Wazir
Natalie J. Wells
Nick White
  Daniel Wolf
Gary Woods
Michael Yakubovich

 Executive Committee Members Represented in Bold

Dianne Schuett, Chair James MacKay, Chair
David Luneau, Vice Chair Karen Ebel, Vice Chair
Thomas Schamberg, Clerk Michael Moffett, Clerk