Recording Requirements

The Registry will not accept any records that do not follow New Hampshire law, as promulgated under the Revised Statutes Annotated, Title XLVIII, Chapter 478. We cannot deviate from these standards. Read 478 first, as our recording standards are found there, and always follow the latest version of 478, no matter when these instructions were updated.

  • General Standards
                  CHAPTER 478 REGISTERS OF DEEDS     Read more...   

  • E-Filing Document Requirements
    •  Submitter's name and address in the upper left of page 1
    •  Choose correct document type. (i.e. warranty deed select WRNTY... quitclaim select QC from the drop down)
    •  Tax stamp dollar amount must be written or typed to the left of the document type. This improves recording accuracy and cross checks dollar     amounts.
    •  NH Housing Finance Authority is exempt from recording fees. Please check box to remove fees prior to submitting. (Simplifile)
    •  Federal,State,Town and Municipalities are exempt from State of NH L-Chip fee. Please check LCHIP Fee Exempt box prior to submitting. (Simplifile)
    •  E-filed death certificates require the raised seal to be darkened prior to submitting, done generally with pencil or graphite.
    •  Incomplete documents will be returned un-recorded.