Fees and Surcharges

Transfer Tax
Transfer taxes are imposed by the state but collected by the registries of deeds. The filer is charged with knowing the amount of the transfer tax plus the applicability of any exemption found under RSA 78:B-2. Such exemptions must be stated on all deed transfers.

In general, all property transfers are presumed taxable by this office, at the rate of $.75 per $100 or fractional part thereof, except when the price or consideration is $4000 or less, then the tax is presumed to be $40. Taxes are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

The Department of Revenue Administration has a website that explains this.

Recording Fees and Surcharge

478:17-g Recording Fees and Surcharge.

The registry collects fees for its recording services. These fees are set by law in this section, and the Registry cannot deviate from them.


On sale or transfer of property, we also collect the Land & Community Investment Program fee, commonly known as “LCHIP.”
This is authorized by RSA 227-m.

Additional information may be found on the LCHIP website.
Equipment Surcharge

Typically there is a $2 surcharge thot goes directly into the Registry's equipment account. This ensures that our equipment and database software is up to date.

Fee chart (downloadable PDF)
Postage Fee Schedule (downloadable PDF).