Program Requirements

Standard Requirements for all clients.

  1. Client reports in person to MCPTS upon release from jail or immediately following their court hearing.
  2. Client must maintain regular contact with PTS as directed by their Pretrial Officer.
  3. Client must refrain from any use of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs and submit to drug or alcohol testing.
  4. Client will be subject to a curfew as determined by MCPTS and shall submit to 24 hour a day home visitation and a search of the client’s person, property, place and/or residence as determined by MCPTS.
  5. Client will execute and provide to MCPTS releases of information and consent to release information that is pertaining to their participation in programming and/or treatment and that is pertaining to their participation in pretrial services.
  6. Client must attend all appointments, classes, and other meetings as directed by MCPTS.
  7. Non-students will maintain gainful employment. If the client is disabled or unable to work they will provide proof to MCPTS.
  8. Students will remain enrolled and attend their present educational program.

Supplemental Requirements  assigned as needed by the court.

  1. Client must have an approved address or residence or acceptance into MCPTS prior to release.
  2. Client will be screened by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor for substance use issues and will follow all recommendations or referrals.
  3. Client will be screened for Anger Management issues and follow all recommendations and referrals.
  4. Client will submit to GPS electronic monitoring.
  5. Client will submit to alcohol monitoring via a sobrietor.

** All costs for monitoring are the responsibility of the client**