Community Engagement

Community engagement can include volunteer time at a non-profit agency as well as projects that address real community needs. Participants are able to choose how they would like to complete their community engagement hours.

Community engagement hours are a way for youth to engage in their community in a positive way. In a more traditional sense, it is a way for the participant to give back to the community, creating a restorative effect on the offender, their victim and the community. Additionally, participants are able to develop a deeper understanding of how to promote constructive change, form meaningful, working relationships with people outside their peer groups, develop a deeper understanding of the causes and effects of community problems and gain a sense of their own effectiveness.

Youth will be able to:

  • Understand the legal and judicial system.
  • Repair harm they have done to victims and the community.
  • Analyze their own needs and the needs of others.
  • Develop competencies that will enable them to become responsible and productive citizens.
  • Understand the impact their actions have on others.
  • Identify and act upon opportunities to make meaningful contributions to their families, schools, peer groups, and communities.
  • Develop a personal stake in the future of their community.
  • Increase life and coping skills.
  • Reconnect with the community in a positive way.
We are always looking for non-profit agencies for our youth to volunteer. If you work for a non-profit and would like more information about working with our youth volunteers, please contact us.