Meeting Minutes

Request for Proposals


DescriptionDownload Form
RFP 2021130 Google Enterprise Bid

 pdf  "Google Enterprise Bid"

RFP 20211101; Website Bid w/addendum

 pdf  "Website Bid"

RFQ 20211020-1; UTV Bid, with addenda

 pdf  "UTV Bid"

RFQ 20211020;Tractor Bid

   "Tractor Bid"

RFQ 20211019; Trash Removal Bid, with addena

 pdf  "Trash Removal Bid with addenda"

RFQ 20211001; Workstation Bid

 pdf  "Workstation Bid"

RFQ 20210930 Patient Lift Equipment Bid; MCNH

 pdf  "Patient Lift Equipment Bid; MCNH"

RFQ 2021MCRFQ01Transitional Housing; Request for Qualifications

 pdf  "Transitional Housing; Request for Qualifications"

        Addendum to RFQ

RFP 20210922 MCNH Laundry, Washer Bid

 pdf  "MCNH Laundry, Washer Bid"

RFP 20210917 Medical Services Bid w/ addenda; MCDOC

 pdf  "Medical Services Bid w/ addenda; MCDOC"

RFQ 20210827 Washer Bid; MCDOC

 pdf  "Washer Bid; MCDOC"

RFP: 2021MCSS02 Social Services Grant RFP ; Agency Fillable Form; 2021 BOC grant policy

 Social Services Grant RFP ; Agency Fillable Form; pdf  "2021 Social Services Grant Bid"

RFQ 20210827-2 Heated Food Cabinet Bid

 pdf  "Heated Food Cabinet Bid"

RFQ 20210826 VFD Bid, MCDOC w/addenda

 pdf  " VFD bid; MCDOC w/ addenda"

RFQ 20210826-2 Wheelchair Cleaning Equipment Bid

 pdf  "Wheelchair Cleaning Equipment Bid"

RFQ 20210823 Dishwasher Bid w/ addenda

 pdf  "Dishwasher Bid w/ addenda"

RFP 20210819 Integrated Software Bid; Correctional w/ addenda

 pdf  "Integrated Software Bid; Correctional w/ addenda"

RFP 20210809 Geowell Repair Bid

 pdf  "Geowell Repair Bid"

RFQ 20210614 Solar PV Bid w/ Addenda

 pdf  "Solar PV Bid w/ Addenda"

RFP 20210614 Land Survey Bid

 pdf  "Land Survey Bid"

RFP 20210528 Chemical Bid w/ Addenda

 pdf  "Chemical Bid w/ addenda"

RFQ 20210514 Autocrubber Bid

 pdf  "Autoscrubber Bid"

RFP 20210507 MCNH Bed Bid

 pdf  "MCNH Bed Bid"

RFP 20210505 Fuel Bid

 pdf  "Fuel Bid"

RFQ 20210422 Emergency Power Distribution Display

 pdf  "Emergency Power Distribution Display"

RFP 20210330 Pasture Fencing

 pdf  "Pasture Fencing"

RFQ 20210329 Laptops; MCNH

 pdf  "Laptops; MCNH"

RFQ 20210326 Inmate Supplies

 pdf  "Inmate Supplies"

RFP 20210322 Fencing Project; Impound Lot

 pdf  "Fencing Project; Impound Lot"

RFP 20210322 Dining Room Chairs, with Addenda

 pdf  "Dining Room Chairs, with Addenda"

Interest Rate Bid - TAN

 pdf  "Interest Rate Bid - TAN"

RFQ 20201110 Work Station Bid

 pdf  Work Station Bid

RFP 20201030 Fire Alarm Bid w/ addendum

 pdf  Fire Alarm Bid

RFP 20201015 Plate and Pellet Warmer Bid

 pdf  Plate and Pellet Warmer Bid

RFP 20201006 Overhead Door Bid

 pdf  Overhead Door Bid

RFP 20200930 Walkway Treatment Bid

 pdf  Walkway Treatment Bid

RFP 20200929 Snow Removal Bid

 pdf  Snow Removal Bid


American Rescue Plan

The Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds provide a substantial infusion of resources to help turn the tide on the pandemic, address its economic fallout, and lay the foundation for a strong and equitable recovery.  For information on how Merrimack County will proceed with the process of allocating alloted resources please click on the links below.

2020 Completed RFPs