Merrimack County Attorney

Robin A. Davis

Employee Directory

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Deputy County Attorney

George B. Waldron

Assistant County Attorneys

Susan M. Venus
Ashlie L. Hooper
Marianne P. Ouellet
Wayne P. Coull
Cristina E. Brooks
Joseph J. Cherniske
Carley M. Ahern
Casey M. Stanton
Melinda M. Siranian
Megan C. DeVorsey
Brendan L. Cahalin
Jonathan Raiche
Jonathan L. Schulman
Matthew J. Flynn

Office Administrator

Donna Barnett

Victim / Witness Program

Karen J. Sotile
Sarah L. Heath
Jessica L. Clarke
Jacqueline L. Lawrie


Michael A. Russell

Legal Secretaries

Joy Couch
Martha Rogers
Katie Jewell
Jan Riel
Kristen Escobar


 Donna Younie