Merrimack County Department of Corrections is home to a trained K9 named Mack.  Mack is a Belgium Maloinois who is under two years of age and was obtained through a Department of Justice grant program.  He received over 120 hours of training prior to arriving at M.C.D.O.C. 

Mack is trained to:

  • Search for narcotics, cell phones and other forms of contraband
  • Tracking or searching for escapees or missing persons
  • Respond with a certified handler to a variety of emergency situations that may arise in a correctional setting
  • And routine patrol of the facility and its grounds

Each of M.C.D.O.C.’s fourteen handlers have undergone extensive training and are certified K9 handlers.  Each primary handler receiving a minimum of twenty hours of training per month, post certification and secondary handlers receive four hours of training per month, post certification.  There is one primary handler on each shift (first, second, and third shifts) and three secondary handlers on each shift, making Mack’s services readily available and ensuring he has proper care twenty four hours a day.

Mack’s detection services are also available to other correctional institutions upon request, though compensation for services such as mileage would be required.  If you represent another correctional facility and would be interested in learning more about this service, you are welcome to contact Captain Costanzo for more information at 603-796-3602 or jcostanzo@mcdoc.net.


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