Juvenile Services Programs

Juvenile Services Programs


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  1. Challenge Course:

15-hour educational/ self-assessment community base early intervention program focusing on drugs and alcohol abuse and other high risk behaviors


  1. Positive Decision Making:

6 hours course focusing on decision making processes.

Our participants learn and practice a five step process and analyze their own decisions through daily journal writing.

In addition we explore the role of peer pressure as an influence in the decision making process and emphasize strongly the role of accomplice.

The primary goals include awareness of consequences and empowering responsibility, thereby enabling them to make educated decisions.


  1. Smokers Education:

This program is also an educational/ self-assessment program aimed at the first time offenders as does our other programs

Our Smokers education program implements and utilizes Graphic materials that are used in educating the students to the hazards of smoking and helping them assess where they are in their addiction process.

Referrals are from the courts, schools, parents and police.


  1. Anger Management:

10 hour program is offered in order to foster a better understanding of anger’s origin and one’s own personal anger style, which helps to promote self-discipline, awareness and control.


  1. Firesetter Program:

9 hour intervention program addresses the categories and motives of juvenile firesetting behavior

In our effort we educate the family as well as the juvenile about the consequences of the misuse of fire


  1. Shoplifting: (Our Newest Program)

6 hours educational/ self- assessment program aimed reducing/ eliminating shoplifting

There is a review of the NH juvenile court system and laws

Participants explore the consequences of shoplifting, addresses, the root cause and motives, the effects on the community and the individual


  1. Prevention Program:

With our prevention program we presents to schools and communities addressing adolescent problem behaviors and consequences.

There’s a review of the NH juvenile court system and laws frequently disobeyed by juveniles

Provides youth and parent who may be un aware of changes or application in the juvenile laws

Specific requests such as drugs and alcohol education are also done


  1. Bullying:

7 hour course focuses on recognizing and understanding the different form of bullying and the roles involved

We explore the laws and consequences of a bullying and develop prevention skills

  1. Cyber Safety:

This 8 hour program is ideal for grades 6-12

It includes resources used is from the Common Sense Education’s Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum

And aims to raise the youth’s awareness about the safe and responsible use of digital media