Merrimack County Visitation Center

309 Daniel Webster Highway
Boscawen, NH 03303
(603) 796-3277
(603) 796-3275 (Fax)

Mission Statement:

To provide a safe, secure, and structured alternative for the exchange and/or visitation of children between the custodial and noncustodial parents in a neutral environment that promotes healthy interaction between family members and prevents the victimization of any person.

What is the Merrimack County Visitation Center?

The Merrimack County Visitation Center (MCVC) was developed to create a safe visitation/exchange alternative for families who have experienced domestic violence.  The MCVC has a zero-tolerance approach toward all forms of violence and has strict policies to ensure safety of all participants and staff.

What types of services does the MCVC provide?

The MCVC provides three different types of visitation services:

The MCVC does not determine what type of service is appropriate for families or make recommendations regarding custody and/or visitation.  The parties must agree on what type of service is to be provided if it is not determined by the referring agent.

The MCVC structures its services so that parents do not have contact with each other. This is done by having separate entrances and waiting rooms as well as staggered arrival and departure times. Security personnel are present during all visitation services at all of our locations throughout the county.

Where is the MCVC located?

The MCVC's main facility is located in Boscawen, and a satellite location is available in Franklin. A handicap accessible location is available to those in need.

Prior to any services being provided, all clients must contact the Boscawen site in order to schedule an orientation with MCVC staff.

Other Visitation Centers are available throughout the state.  For more information about these Centers, please visit the New Hampshire Family Visitation & Access Cooperative’s website at

What are the hours of operation?

Orientation times are available at the MCVC Tuesday through Friday by appointment only. The MCVC is open for visitation services at the following locations and times:


This facility conducts visits on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week. Please call for times and availability.


This facility is currently only operating on Sundays. Please call for times and availability

*All visit and exchange times are subject to availability.  Services may only be scheduled once both parties have completed their required orientations.

What are the fees for services?

Fully supervised visits    $20 per hour
Semi-supervised visits   $10 per hour
Exchanges                     $5 per exchange

The MCVC does not determine who will be responsible for visitation service fees.  The MCVC also does not determine the type of service to be provided or financial responsibility. The parties must agree on who is financially responsible if the referring agent does not otherwise make the determination. 

Both parties, regardless of financial responsibility, are required to make deposits prior to scheduling any visitation services.  Deposit amounts differ in accordance with the type of service to be provided and which party (or both) is responsible for the regular fees.  The deposit amount is determined when a client contacts the MCVC to schedule their orientation.  Deposits must be paid by money order only. Visitation service fees can be paid by in-state check or money order. Cash is never accepted.

Training and Standards

The MCVC is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), which is the national organization for supervised visitation providers.  SVN provides a prescribed list of required training topics that providers must adhere to as a part of the national standards for best practice.  MCVC staff participate in monthly trainings in keeping with these required topics.  For more information on training and standards, including the newly revised statewide standards, please visit: